Meet the companies

- who call The Camp their home


Lavapoint is a dedicated IT-agency dedicated to internal and external corporate communication solutions. The work is mainly on modern mobile intranet solutions for ambitious customers. Lavapoint has developed a standard platform for portals, primary dedicated Corporate Intranets.

Erhvervspsykolog Dorte Adamsen

Dorte Adamsen is a business psychologist who specialises in management, communication, cooperation, organisation and business development


DrugStars is creating a global movement of patients that are #GivingByTaking. Just take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor, an use the DrugStars app to activate donations to health charities for fee.


Communication, leadership, and culture are essentials to generate loyal and satisfied costumers - EMPATHYCOM aims to establish empathy and involvement in the relation to the costumers.

Finn Kollerup

Finn Kollerup creates systematic and tangible innovation strategies and implementation, through projects, events and knowledge on a global scale


Wuxus is an online marketplace and infrastructure for road freight transportation. Here haulers and transport buyers can easily and directly find each other without the need of brokers.


We believe that the most human-centric companies will end up dominating the markets they operate in. We believe that innovation will create an abundance of well-being, health and affluence. And we believe that succesfull leadership is about facilitating co-creation of this. That’s why we talk about People, Planet & Profit.


mind4people headhunts and recruits Leaders and IT-specialists for companies as well as they do career coaching af toptalents who wishes to discuss their career.


Monsido makes it easy to maintain your website with a comprehensive online tool which contains everything you need for complete web governance


MyPressWire is a PR platform that uses both traditional and social media to convey news. They also produce all types of texts, magazines, arrange press briefings and provide ideas for communication strategies.

now now

nownow transforms strategy-reports into one overall picture covering the most essential parts of the strategy such as vision, mission, values and strategic focus areas. It gives you navigability, magnetism and clear communication.


Riisolution creates pre-build websites and tailor-made design solutions for Wordpress, Joomla etc, to help you create a visual identity, which suits your company best


We facilitate the growth, splendour, fun and excellence of groups of all shapes and sizes. Are you a working group struggling to become a high performance team, invite us in and we will help you find the bridges - and flatten the blocks! Our tools are many - some known and well tested - some new, strange and surprising.

Anyware Solutions

Anyware Solutions has created an ultra-small lamp socket, which turns your lamps and home, into a smart-home. It can detect sound, temperature, humidity as well as light.

Choker Design Studio

Choker Design Studio is a creative and quality conscious graphical partner for your company's visual communication. Kickstart your company’s visual communication for both online and offline media!

Dansk Drone Kompagni

Dansk Drone Kompagni delivers drone footage for all occasions. Need to inspect a windmill or building visually? Or do you need areal footage for a commercial or a project? Dansk Drone Kompagni does it all

Everyone Print

EveryonePrint is revolutionising the printing industry by making it easy and accessible to print documents in high quality from any device, even your smartphone. If you know how to email or browse on your phone, you know how to print!


Innocate creates innovative health promoting interactions between professionals and patients/citizens. We provide competence development and use design thinking to develop dialogue tools in the public health sector and medical industry.  


LENEO provides a digital platform for handling leasing-deals online. The platform is completely scalable, and handles all types of leasing


LETregulering offers an overview of EU and Danish regulations on financial services and provides tool kits on compliance, management issues and updating services.

Nordic eSIM ApS

Nordic eSIM offers eSIM Subscription Management Service. Their platform is compliant with the GSMA and SIMalliance standards and it delivers a flexible and fully scalable subscription management for provisioning of eSIM on eUICC, with easy operation and eSIM activation on our secure subscription management servers.


Uniconta is Erik Damgaard’s new, lightning-fast cloud-based ERP system

Your Business

Yourbusiness is a Full Service Communications Agency who specialises in online marketing, PR management, website development, SEO and strategy development


Newbanking is a combined payment and KYC/AML platform, which makes it easy and cheaper to comply with international and local regulation. NewBanking operates across almost all boarders, currencies and major card schemes in the world.


ProjectBinder is an Industrial IT & Automation company, doing strategies, designs and implementations. ProjectBinder's costumer segment is the life science industry, where they currently are involved in the design and build of three greenfield projects and various upgrades


Queue-it is a virtual waiting room system designed to manage website overload during extreme end-user peaks.


We call ourselves AutoWise because we have an in depth understanding of both cars and economics, and is therefore your solution for new and used premium cars.


Lapio is a software platform where race organizers can handle different functions such as administration and timing of athletes themselves.

Partner Link

Partner Link has 18 years experience within sales and marketing in the Telecom industry. Partner Link is a full-service agency. They offer the right solution from start to finish - from generation of ideas to execution.