Tryg Nordic Innovation

Startup partnerships with Tryg Nordic Innovation

We are Nordic Innovation. The innovation department of Tryg. We focus on translating the long-term market dynamics and trends into products and services to support the strategic goals of Tryg.

We have a special focus on Mobility, Health and Embedded Insurance.

We launch new products, services, and corporate startups across all our customer segments in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Sometimes alone, with our corporate partners and in some cases, with startup/scaleup companies.

Who do we partner with?
We work with startup companies when we see a potential for co-creation for a shared value proposition or opportunity for Tryg to be present in completely new ecosystems or create a new product/service for Tryg’s market.


We don’t

  • Help you sell a standard product or IT solution to Tryg.
  • Invest in your startup.

But can you answer yes to the three questions below?

  • Are you a startup who sees the potential in partnering with the insurance industry?
  • Are you working or interested in launching in the market in Denmark, Norway and/or Sweden?
  • Do you need insights about the insurance industry from industry experts?

Then maybe we can help you and are ready to discuss with you openly and answer your questions and talk about the potential for collaboration.

Who can you meet?

Our experts from Nordic Innovation know how to launch new insurance products and services and will give you honest feedback.

Jakob Popovic Anker


Jakob is the Health Innovation Lead in Tryg responsible for identifying and maturing health related ideas into concrete value offerings in the Tryg eco system. He has +10 years’ experience working with the health agenda and has held various commercial roles in the life-science industry both in Denmark and internationally.

Line Dalsfort

Embedded Insurance

Line is Head of Nordic Innovation Discovery team. She has been in insurance for 12 years working in various positions.
She is curious about new innovative business models and value propositions that create value for customers and make a difference.

How does it work?

It’s easy!

Fill out the form below with some basic info about your startup and topic of the discussion.

Include a short presentation that can guide our discussion and give us an introduction to your startup.

Then press send and Peter from The Camp will get back to you as soon as possible.

The presentation could focus on 7 topics:

  1. PROBLEM: Why, What, How
  2. POPULAR: Rather millions than hundreds of potential users
  3. FREQUENT: Users run into the problem often
  4. URGENT: There is a need to be solved now
  5. GROWING: Growing +20% per year
  6. UNAVOIDABLE: Problems you cannot avoid solving, e.g. due to (new) regulation
  7. TEAM: Who are the team behind?
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