Corporate Innovators

Work on your innovation project outside the box - literally.

We also welcome corporate innovators in our co-working space. Here, we connect established companies across industries with our in-house entrepreneurs. You’re already likeminded, when it comes to business ambition and global outlook. What we can provide is a space, where we facilitate dialogue with entrepreneurs based on your strategic needs. Inspirational - for sure - but also close to your challenges at hand.

2900 DKK per seat

This is what we offer

A work retreat that feels good

Desks for you and your fellow innovators in our airy co-working space. Kind of like doing that weekend workshop away from the office.

Connecting you to the right startups

We don’t just introduce you. We do a thorough mapping of your company’s possibilities for collaborations with startups in our network. It often starts with a shared industry or a shared market.

Access to all of The Camp’s facilities

Juicy lunch, varied fitness and sporting options, and our full in-house event program with talks on business innovation and entrepreneurship.

But hey - it's much easier, if we give you a tour so you can see for yourself

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