Tech Talk #5: From Bitcoin to Blockchain in Banking and Beyond

The fifth of The Camp's Tech Talk events this spring

Since Bitcoin was introduced to the world in the immediate aftermath of the Financial Crisis, a whole ecosystem of coexisting Blockchains and associated applications has emerged. This distributed ledger technology is often described as a new protocol layer on the internet, on which entrepreneurs and companies can create groundbreaking innovations. These innovations could potentially disrupt numerous established industries, such as Banking, insurance, supply chain and logistics, as well as truly democratize the sharing economy.

In this Tech Talk we will examine the evolution of Blockchain from Bitcoin in the financial industry and beyond. For this purpose we have invited the following startups:

Simon Ousager, from Chainalysis. Founded in 2014, Chainalysis is the leading provider of Anti-Money Laundering software for Bitcoin. With offices in New York and Copenhagen, working with global financial institutions, like Barclays and Bitcoin exchanges to enable every stakeholder to assess risk in this new economy.

Deanna MacDonald, from BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration - Focus on Maritime and Energy sectors). A blockchain research and application development company providing blockchain architecture, collaboration workshops, application proof-of-concepts and piloting for blockchain based technical solutions.

New Banking delivers verified money - KYC with payments - as a service to enterprise customers. They were nominated Leading Global Fintech Innovator by KPMG in 2016.

The event will be moderated by Karim Jabbar, from the Department of Computer Science at KU, and co-founder of Blockchain Academy.

At the end we invite you to ask questions and network.

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Wednesday 17th of May 2017


15:00 - 16:30


The Camp


Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup