Tech Talk #7 “Drone Technology – Airborne Service Systems”

Drone technology is slowly becoming a core part in many operational procedures done by private companies and state-owned organizations. Drones are also more autonomous and their applicability increases in these areas. Airborne service systems are one of the main areas, where drones will have a disruptive impact.
For our seventh Tech Talk you’ll be able to get a look into the drone technology and learn about its business potential. We’ve gathered some of the leading speakers within the field of drones. DTU Space DroneCenter, Sense Able and Dansk Drone Kompagni will provide you with great insights to the current state of drone development and explain the trends of the market.

Astrophysicist and Chief Advisor at DTU Space DroneCenter Michael Linden-Vørnle will give his view on the development of drones and drone technology and how we should prioritize research and legislation to ensure optimum conditions for unfolding the exponential reality of drones.
DTU Space DroneCenter was established in October 2014 to support and facilitate the use and development of unmanned technology in all domains (land, air, sea and subsurface) as a platform for science, education and research based consultancy to strengthen and expand research at DTU and create value for society. The main activities include coordination and facilitation of projects and activities related to unmanned systems across DTU and in cooperation with external stakeholders. Furthermore, the center acts as a research and innovation driver for emerging technologies such as autonomy and swarming.

CEO at SenseAble Jesper Andersen will do a presentation on the current technological development in UAV’s (Drones) focusing on the advancements of sensor technology and how it can help the widespread application of drones in various service systems. In addition, SenseAble will bring some drones for you to explore.

Founder and CEO at Dansk Drone Kompagni Hans Hansen will talk about the challenges that drone technology faces these days. Moreover, Hans will provide us with an overview of the limitations that this technology has to overcome to allow a broader application of drones in service systems. Dansk Drone Kompagni focuses on providing a full-service system for drone operation, which includes everything from simple aerial photographs of properties to analysis of thermal recordings with computer vision.

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Friday 6th of October 2017


15:00 - 16:30


The Camp


Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup