Tryg Share & Care TechSprint

TechSprint is a new format for rapid concept development and personal growth.

In only 24 hours we'll create the future concepts within sharing economy and healthcare. And we're doing that from inside the Nordics' largest sharing economy insurer - Tryg.

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We meet at Copenhagen Central Station Friday January 26 at 17.30. From here we board our PitchBus and head to The Camp. Bring your idea on-board and pitch it as we roll to Tryg's HQ. On arrival we should emerge with 10 selected ideas that we'll develop for the next 24 hours. To do that we need to form strong multidisciplinary teams. When you've formed teams, we'll invite you to break bread in the entrepreneurial setting of Tryg's own startup space. When all teams are well seated, we'll present format and milestones. Work through the night or grab a spot in the dormitory for some shut eye. We'll keep you company if you decide to power through.

Saturday we rise and shine to a hardy breakfast. You'll need it for this action-packed day. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for working on your idea. The day offers expert sessions, yoga break and more food. In the afternoon we will run pitch training to prepare you for the grand finale. When the winners have emerged and the confetti settled, we will bring out another wonderful meal. We wont keep you for long, we know you're tired. So we'll bus you directly to Copenhagen Central Station. Who knows, maybe someone decides that the ball has just begun.

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We have just launched TechSprint to Copenhagen, Denmark and the wider world. What we present is something we believe can take personal development, inter-connectedness and corporate innovation to completely new realms. This is our effort to bridge the future with the present, and we hope you will join us!

Over the last half year, we’ve thrown a series of hackathons in Copenhagen on a variety of topics — ranging from Legal to Logistics to Banking. We’ve interacted with immensely talented people, from astrophysicists to school teachers, garbage consultants and painters. We have learned a lot from them, and their feedback is reflective and positive. We have a ‘satisfaction score' of 88% indicating that we’re on to something — and we think it’s time to level up.

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Friday 26th of January 2018


17:30 -


The Camp