Vertical Track: Future Health
Future Days

Recalibrating our understanding to match the future healthcare needs.

To meet the future healthcare challenges we need to
rethink our understanding of aging and the roles the
healthcare system of today should play and for whom.
The healthcare system of today is primarily designed
to help when you are sick, injured or too old to take
care of yourself. The system is optimized when it
comes to a broken leg, but within an area such as
eldercare it is not only about medical issues, but also
about our cultural understanding of aging.

Today we talk about the 3rd age as when people get
old and leave the labor market, but because we live
longer we have, in most cases, many more years
where we don't need the services of the classic
healthcare system.

So perhaps we should start talking about the 3rd and
4th age as a period in people's life where they are
resourceful and value their independence. A situation
where prevention is the best treatment.

Health tech entrepreneurs and innovators work
around the world to develop new solutions and ways
to overcome the global challenges of the changing
demographics and we want to learn from these
international experiences.
How can we move the development forward both in
terms of facing the demographic changes and the
following challenges and the need for a change in the
cultural understanding of aging? Something that will
impact the next generation of health tech startups and


Tuesday 18th of May 2021


09:00 - 12:00


The Camp & Tryg


Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup