ProjectBinder wins award for +1000 % growth

ProjectBinder ended 2022 winning a Børsen Gazelle award for growing +1000 % over the last years. It’s a crazy achievement carried out by the great ProjectBinder team.

The PB factor

ProjectBinder has found a strong and razor sharp position within the fuzzy area coined as Industry 4.0. But, what do ProjectBinder then do? Well, they support their clients within manufacturing in their Digitalization efforts and in their journey to achieve greater insights, reduce the risk of error & enable them to make fact-based decisions.

ProjectBinder are specialised in the integration of industrial equipment & processes (OT) and data & the flow of digital information (IT) and combined with values such as trustworthiness and integrity, years of industry experience and true dedication.

MES and Digital Twins are two of the specific ways ProjectBinder help their clients harvest the benefits of digitalisations.


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Digital Twins

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object or system. It is a virtual model that can be used to simulate the behavior and functions of the real-world object or system. Digital twins are often used in manufacturing to help design and optimize complex systems, improve performance and reliability, and reduce the cost of maintenance.

The digital twin is created using data from sensors, design specifications, and other sources, and is constantly updated with real-time data from the physical object or system. This allows the digital twin to accurately reflect the current state of the physical object or system, as well as predict its future behavior.

In this way, a digital twin can be used to test and evaluate different scenarios and make decisions about how to optimize the performance of the physical object or system. For example, a digital twin of a manufacturing plant can be used to test different production processes and identify bottlenecks, or a digital twin of a power plant can be used to optimize the use of renewable energy sources.

Overall, the use of digital twins can help improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase the overall performance of complex systems.

Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is a type of software that is used to manage and control the operations of a manufacturing plant. It is a real-time system that is integrated with other factory systems, such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

MES provides a comprehensive view of the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. It helps to monitor and control production processes, including scheduling, tracking, and quality control. It also enables the collection and analysis of data from the production process, which can be used to identify areas for improvement and optimize production.

In addition to its operational functions, MES also supports other aspects of manufacturing, such as inventory management, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. By providing a single source of information and control, MES helps to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process.



How did it all start?

In our previous post you can read more about how ProjectBinder was founded and learn how they build a strong organisational culture.

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