Meet the companies

- who call The Camp their home

Activity Stream

Delivering Analytics-As-A-Service to the live entertainment and sports industry.


We call ourselves AutoWise because we have an in depth understanding of both cars and economics, and is therefore your solution for new and used premium cars.

Choker Design Studio

Choker Design Studio is a creative design company that optimizes companies' visual and strategic communication.
”Good design is good business: If your product or message is not seen – it does not exist”.


We are a Danish IT Company focusing on providing solid and simple IT-security Solutions, from the world's leading and most innovative software producers.

We have the capacity to provide a wide range of different cyber security solutions, that fits into every type of company or production unit.


DLG is a Danish agricultural company owned by Danish farmers. The Group's main business areas are: Commodities, Vitamins & Minerals and Service & Energy.

From our department in The Camp we handle our insurance cooperation with Tryg Forsikring, and the purpose is to offer our customers special benefits on their insurances.


Documendo can digitize any document or template and enable companies to sell them online through a white label solution, cutting costs on document creation and fast-tracking the process from production to sales.

Drone Systems

Drone Systems is a leading specialist in thermal drone inspections. Our key product is complete and systematic thermal mapping of district heating networks.

Ekko App

Employee app that makes it simple and effective to communicate, motivate and train your employees.


Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science and Data Integration.
We deliver top 5% experts from across Europe at affordable rates.
Our clients count Scandinavia's largest companies and many small/medium start-ups.
Contact us for a dialogue on how we might assist you.

Finn Kollerup

Finn Kollerup creates systematic and tangible innovation strategies and implementation, through projects, events and knowledge on a global scale


GR-1 is working with GDPR compliance in larger companies and public organizations. By using GR-1s MyGDPR Portal, the employees get an overview of GDPR data in their mailbox and Office 365.


HomeBob is a platform for you as a home owner, that makes it easy for you to maintain and care for your home – leaving more time and room for everything else.


IRSquad is about creating awesome real life gaming experiences. EVOtag combines advanced laser tag technology with the gameplay known from Fortnite, Counter Strike and Call of Duty.

EVOtag can be played anywhere, anytime and by anyone


Kobaj is a new market place for co-buying wine. Buying together means making sure that the best price is obtained from wineries all over Europe.


mind4people headhunts and recruits Leaders and IT-specialists for companies as well as they do career coaching af toptalents who wishes to discuss their career.


A new generation of Danish accounting software


Ordery delivers freshly baked bread directly from the baker's oven, and directly to your workplace or business

Partner Link

Partner Link has 18 years experience within sales and marketing in the Telecom industry. Partner Link is a full-service agency. They offer the right solution from start to finish - from generation of ideas to execution.


PRECURE help prevent muscular strain, and thereby create a healthier workplace, reduce costs and increase productivity to the benefit of individuals, employers, and insurers. Our smart wearables collect data on muscle activities and movements. Data helps the user modify behaviors and gives employers online analysis.


ProjectBinder is an Industrial IT & Automation company, doing strategies, designs and implementations. ProjectBinder's costumer segment is the life science industry, where they currently are involved in the design and build of three greenfield projects and various upgrades

ReTest Security

ReTest Security helps companies being secure in a market where new threats constantly emerge. ReTest Security performs IT-security tests, vulnerability scanning and customized tasks depending on the customer’s needs.


Upgrading peoples IT knowledge. Teaching the basic needs, from Blockchain, DeFi, basic security, programming and web development.


SmartZenter makes innovative coffee tables.
We want the coffee table to fit into most homes, therefore the optional color of the tabletop, and the transparent legs.


TrapMe is an SaaS company focusing on delivering customer centric IoT solutions to the industry of pest control.


Uniconta is Erik Damgaard’s new, lightning-fast cloud-based ERP system.