Meet the companies

- who call The Camp their home


ADvirtual A/S is based on a combined 40 years of experience within the pharma, biotech and healthcare industries. ADvirtual works closely with its customers using its diverse competences to streamline and revolutionize design, training and daily activities.


We call ourselves AutoWise because we have an in depth understanding of both cars and economics, and is therefore your solution for new and used premium cars.


Bilsystemet makes the best flexleasing software to the leasing advisor and his customers.

BioApplications Aps


ChartPilot is an analysis-platform that enables users to easily gain insights and perform computations on large amounts of real time or historical data.

Choker Design Studio

Choker Design Studio is a creative and quality conscious graphical partner for your company's visual communication. Kickstart your company’s visual communication for both online and offline media!


Cyrix is a technology platform helping brands to fill experience gap Improving your customer-facing processes touchpoints to create a solid foundation for starting your organization’s personalization journey.

Dansk Aktierådgivning

Dansk Aktierådgivning is an equity advisory company. We sell serious, independent and fact-based analysis advice within a Nordic equity universe, providing the independent trader with a reliable tool for trading.


Communication, leadership, and culture are essentials to generate loyal and satisfied costumers - EMPATHYCOM aims to establish empathy and involvement in the relation to the costumers.

Finn Kollerup

Finn Kollerup creates systematic and tangible innovation strategies and implementation, through projects, events and knowledge on a global scale


HomeBob is a platform for you as a home owner, that makes it easy for you to maintain and care for your home – leaving more time and room for everything else.


Innocate creates innovative health promoting interactions between professionals and patients/citizens. We provide competence development and use design thinking to develop dialogue tools in the public health sector and medical industry.  


mind4people headhunts and recruits Leaders and IT-specialists for companies as well as they do career coaching af toptalents who wishes to discuss their career.


MyPressWire is a PR platform that uses both traditional and social media to convey news. They also produce all types of texts, magazines, arrange press briefings and provide ideas for communication strategies.

Nordic eSIM ApS

Nordic eSIM offers eSIM Subscription Management Service. Their platform is compliant with the GSMA and SIMalliance standards and it delivers a flexible and fully scalable subscription management for provisioning of eSIM on eUICC, with easy operation and eSIM activation on our secure subscription management servers.

Partner Link

Partner Link has 18 years experience within sales and marketing in the Telecom industry. Partner Link is a full-service agency. They offer the right solution from start to finish - from generation of ideas to execution.


Portfolio.Help is a web-solution for holding companies. Major impact whether small or large


ProjectBinder is an Industrial IT & Automation company, doing strategies, designs and implementations. ProjectBinder's costumer segment is the life science industry, where they currently are involved in the design and build of three greenfield projects and various upgrades


Queue-it is a virtual waiting room system designed to manage website overload during extreme end-user peaks.

ReTest Security

ReTest Security helps companies being secure in a market where new threats constantly emerge. ReTest Security performs IT-security tests, vulnerability scanning and customized tasks depending on the customer’s needs. ApS

Software Danmark

Software Danmark specialise in online marketing and production. SEO, websites, social media, and app development.


Ekko app is a smart and simple way to communicate, motivate and train your employees. Contact them and learn how To Echo.


Uniconta is Erik Damgaard’s new, lightning-fast cloud-based ERP system

Visual Strategies

Visual Strategies transform strategy-reports into one overall picture covering the most essential parts of the strategy such as vision, mission, values and strategic focus areas. It gives you navigability, magnetism and clear communication.